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Just making a post
Sumi Fox

Just making a post to tell LJ I am still alive.  :P  I don't post on here but I like using live journal to see various communities.  So crazy how the internet changes.

As I have said before I live on tumblr now http://lithefider.tumblr.com/

And Also have a twitter of the name name I use a few times a week.

And AO3 is a thing!  Great place for fics, so glad it came to be.  http://archiveofourown.org/users/LitheFider/pseuds/LitheFider

- Nyssa

Sumi Fox
So Since Y! might be closing down I might be hosting some of my adult fics, TF2 fics, and art here.  I'm debating making an entire account just for it, though that might be a bit much.  So just a heads up. 

As you can see I don't actually use this for journal keeping, and a lot of it is friend-locked (to those of you who only see a few posts).  I've started using Tumblr and that is becoming my journal of sorts.  :)


Sumi Fox
I AM COMING to SAVANNAH. I just booked my flight. :excited:

I am seeing the Laika people coming April 14-15, I am going to show them how serious I am(!!), give them my resume / reel, and I am while I'm at it see everyone still at SCAD / in Savannah that I miss :heart:

Thank you so much to everyone who offered me a place to stay / rides I love you all ;3; :heart:

I don't know people's class / job schedules so I am putting up my times so anyone who is available at these times if possible to give me a ride...? :hug:

Flight Comes into Sav: April 13 (Mon) 10:51 am
Return Flight Leaves Sav: April 18 (Sat) 2:35 pm

Also I think I'll be staying with Kenya, *waves* Jenna I'd love to stay with you too, maybe for 16-18? and Kenya 13-15? *we shall see* LOL peoples couches shall be my home for that week. X3

People tell me your schedules so I can see you / maybe sit in on a class, or anything like that! Also anyone who has Hal Miles do you know his class schedules??

:love: I hope me coming down will be worth it for my career, here's hoping.


Makin bacon
Sumi Fox
I've been busy making stuff! :D Cause the few people who actually read this probably know already haha, as I post stuff like that over at my Deviant art page or on my Etsy store already.

And I also got a twitter account

And a sculpture commission, and a cute plush commission after I get back from Duckie's (the woman can down pay me after April 2) which are BOTH bat anthro characters - what are the odds of THAT?  XD  (both e-mailed me on he same day!)

Speaking of which ZOMG I leave in a week!  X3  I can't wait! ;3; 

And I'm sick of my messy room and this pile of random junk outside it...I so need to move that stuff somewhere.... :U


Katsucon Report! :D
Sumi Fox

- Katsucon takes place in a large Hyatt hotel, which was not large enough for the 6000 Otaku inside sadly XD It was hard for cosplayers who wanted to stop to talk, take pictures, etc cause there were few places where you were allowed to STOP without con staff urging you to 'keep moving' 'not block traffic' and junk. They had two spots set up for photos, which was nice, one of which had a freaky annoying railing in the way XD and the lighting was less than desirable.

- I didn't attend any events except for the AMV contest which was weird for me.  (We did not make it to the masquerade which was impossible practically to get into. Also there was a shoot midway during when it was then we went to a nice dinner out.  I hope to youtube what we missed! :3  ) I am sad I missed some of the panels as some looked kinda cool - not that panels are my thing anyway.  I guess since I didn't get out of the room in costume on Sat until 1 (before that I walked out fora bit to get food with Charity but I wasn't in costume) and did not get to run around on Friday until 2 pm I felt I missed a lot of cosplay time so I spent my time running around with friends.  I really didn't have a lot of time to look at the schedule XD  Also since it was my first Katsu  was a overwhelmed by just figuiring out where eveything WAS (the layout was all up and down the many escalator levels).

- We made it to 3 of the 4 Naruto shoots was cool. the shoots were fun we did crack poses and didn't have to stand too long at a time. At the Sunday shoot I was in my suit I worse the night before for formal-Shino but did it as formal Shibi, and there were no other Team 8 people available by the time they were doing team shots so it was just ME with two Kuernai (team 8's female captain). I was PIMPIN. It was hilarious. At the other shoots I got to scare Kiba's and people with threats of 'bugs in your pants' and 'fleas' and Kiba threatened to have Akamaru pee on my sandals.

- I got to see lots of SCAD kids! <3 And a bunch of cosplayers I knew including some cosplayer friends! The cute little Hinata with the Byakugan eyes from AnimeNext was there, 'I'm bringing Sexy back" Duke Devlin (Ootogi) was there, And some other people I'd seen before.

- Was a new cosplay - Orochimaru! Made by Neko as a gift and I wore it for Kelly cause it's her favorite character <3 I had a lot of fun as him and I think I looked really spiffy in it. I just hoped I did him justice, and Kelly seemed to think so, and since she is the Orochimaru aficionado I'll just take that as a yes! :3

- Saw some amazing cosplays of NiGHTS (new one) with all the embroidery on the legs/sleeves ACTUALLY EMBROIDERED, Bakura in the most PERFCET sweater normal version I've ever seen, Digimon X movie dragon fursuit, Sage mode Naruto and Jiraiya, Earthworm Jim, and Carmen Sandeigo hanging with a Where's Waldo, a really good Joker, a great Kazekage Garra, a huge General Grievous, Pretty Sammy and her arch rival, and a Dr. Horrible from Dr. Horrible sing along blog! :D

- Generally just had fun walking around with Kat / Charity and Kelly/Neko.  :D  Saw lots of cool stuff together.

- The elevators SUCK.  :U

- We didn't get into the Ball, as the room they held it in was hundreds of people too small for the size of the con trying to get into it, but it was cool walking around all gussied up in formal wear and having everyone else around wearing nice outfits too with flowers and candy. Me, Charity and Kelly all in our finest sat down at a free table for a midnight jade tea set tea party with Ne-san in the middle of the con. It was cool to see all the characters in formal variants. I even saw a Gir in a TUX, LOL. I handed out Aburame valentines and got a heart lollipop and a rose (weighted for throwing! :D ) from a Tuxedo mask! 

- I was formal Shino for Valentines Saturday night, and wore it again Sunday but did formal Shibi (which was just different sunglasses plus gourd and facepaint  XD ) for the fact it was easy to do and didn’t require me to change for when we were rushing to pack/drive home (I drove home IN the suit and face paint XD LOL) .

- Charity, Kat and I went to the AMV contest, which had a lot of great AMV's and other meh ones. The best was the last one, "Dragonball Z the Silent Movie" it was SO funny please Youtube it now. There was a cool dance Princess tutu one and an AMAZIN Mushi-shi one I need to download NOW. I think mine definitely should have been in it, but I am over it now. X3 I was sad about the no overflows! T_T Better luck next time!

- I sold 2 of my pics in the art auction and Kelly bought a third right off me.  I made $92 total off all that minus commission fees!  YAY!  (paid for my share of the room, gas, parking, and food!  :3 )

- Got lots of good video that within a week will be made into yet another epic con video

I will post a separate post with the choice pics later! :3


Sumi Fox
My AMV did not make it to finals at Katsucon. T___T

It was my "To be By your side" Digimon AMV. I consider it one of my best ever made, easily in my top three. I really thought it had a chance....it's was an unusual anime choice (They like to pic out both popular and also unusual anime choices to keep it fresh), it was so well timed and thought out, all done in HIGH resolution with japanese raws, had some snazzy effects, and was really heartfelt. I worked so hard to get it done by the deadline, I was working on it for a week straight to the sacrifice of all else.... and it was definitely just as good as the kind of things I see at finals at cons, if not better than some. 

I guess the competition again was too strong.... or they didn't like it...or something  *Sob* .... ;3;

On top of that they just told us there would be NO OVERFLOW (so the only amv's shown at the con will be the 35 in the contest). This makes me mad cause ALL cons have overflow, they said:

"The AMV staff was made aware of this just recently due to extreme time restrictions this year for the Video Rooms at con. Trust me, the AMV staff sends out its' deepest apologies to any and all who were interested in participating in the Overflow Event."

Yea okay so you gotta show more episodes of Harui when you could be showing people's original AMV's. >_>  So now NO ONE gets to see it there.  I just wanted to see people's reactions to it, even it was just in overflows!

I'll just have to enter it at Katsu and Anime next....but if it didn't make it here it has no chance at Otakon, which gets over 150 entries when Katsu gets like 75. *sigh* I'll still try tho....


On top of that my re-reg I did a month ago never went through and I only knew this because I just got my credit card bill and the charge was not on it. (They don't send out email confirmation to online registers, they put you name on an online list which was updated recently). So I'll need to be in line first thing to snag one of the remaining 1800 at the door badges.

So I'm just kinda in a sad mood right now. I hope I get a badge, I don't wanna get there and not be able to get in! >_>

*sighs some more about the AMV*


Science adrianalazarey
So I want to buy some disposable contacts (like for seeing) to wear with my costumes so I can SEE. My vision during the day is actually pretty good with out my glasses, I can drive without them during the day. But of course at night all our vision is a little worse and the Aburame glasses replicate that effect making it less than desirable. At as con I'd like to SEE people like better...you know?

Anyone know how to obtain perspiration contacts? I have a prescription. How does one do this?? I want disposable soft lens kind. I'd be wearing them just for this not daily all the time use. I just know nothing of contacts. XD


In other news here are some kittens on a Roomba  :D 

Katsucon Meme
Sumi Fox
I'm better by the way!! Yay! I was better by like Feb 5 thankfully. It was a shitty cold tho. D:

I'll join the funwagon: XD

Pre-Katsucon Meme!Collapse )

Sick o___o ?
Sumi Fox
Well I think I'm getting sick (me and everyone else right now) :( Thankfully I guess it should be over by when I leave for Katsucon, if it's just a cold.

I'm also working on doing some original watercolor paintings done to sell at Katsucon. Like at least 2-3 to put in the art auction. I hope they sell I could use the money. :3

See you in 5 days ^__^
CHA Duce cute yay waii
Off to see friends in Raleigh! I'm hitching a ride down with Neko and her boyfriend. Down there I'll be hanging with Neko and Kelly, and their boys George and Mike. Cool cosplayers the lot of them! <3 I'll be flying back Jan 10 :D

I've got commissions lining up so when I return - to work for monies ^^ YAY! And also some late Christmas presents.... XD

*runs off in a flurry of rainbows*


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